The first fully on-chain NFT on the Ethereum blockchain to enable P2E on Minecraft.

Stake Critterz to generate $BLOCKS in-game and own plots of land in the metaverse.


The most active and entertaining metaverse ever.

Explore and contribute to an ever-growing metaverse built by the community. See full map here

22,500 Genesis Plots to claim.

Each Plot of land is a permanent membership into the Critterz metaverse. Plots are infinitely customizable, 1:1 NFTs that you fully own. You can turn Plots into an attraction, a minigame, or an operation to earn $BLOCK in the metaverse.

A complex player-driven economy with $BLOCK

$BLOCK powers the Critterz metaverse. You can use $BLOCK to purchase items on the marketplace, request services, or participate in events. These in-game transactions are 100% gasless.


Nothing to see here.

See what others are building.

Fully immerse yourself with these Plots in our interconnected metaverse.


Be a part of the metaverse.

Buy and stake Genesis Critterz to gain access to a P2E Minecraft world and start generating $BLOCK while playing.

  1. Buy or Rent a Genesis Critterz or a Plot from OpenSea to gain access.

  2. Stake & connect to mc.critterz.xyz to join the critterz server.

  3. /verify in-game to connect wallet to minecraft and start earning $BLOCK.

That's it.


Learn more about Critterz NFT.



Dive deeper into what makes Critterz special.


Full Documentation.

Here you'll find everything related to game mechanics, roadmap, guides, and community information.



See what the team is working on. Updated regurlarly.


Project Disclaimer.

See how Critterz aligns with the Minecraft EULA and Commercial Terms.



View and interact with our contracts on-chain.

Devs are doing something.

New rental utilities, a custom-made Oracle, unique tokenomics, and advanced staking mechanisms makes Critterz one of the most ambitious NFT projects today.

Ready to enter the Critterz metaverse?

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