Critterz are fully on-chain NFTs. Stake to join the Critterz Minecraft world.
Generate BLOCK tokens with in-game activity and use BLOCK tokens to claim limited land on our Minecraft server map.
Mint coming soon!
The first NFT on the Ethereum blockchain to enable P2E on an existing game
On top of that, new rental utilities, a custom-made Oracle network, unique tokenomics, and advanced staking mechanisms makes Critterz one of the most ambitious NFT projects today.
The Critterz Minecraft server
A survival mode, co-op, PvP enabled server on a 16,000 by 16,000 block map. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain.
Generate BLOCKs by playing on the server
BLOCKs are ERC-20 tokens generated based on your in-game activity. BLOCKs are used to claim Plots (64 by 64) on the Critterz Minecraft server. There are 62,500 total Plots available. BLOCK tokens are only used to enhance the gameplay experience.
Exclusive only to Critterz NFT holders
The map is only accessible by Critterz NFT holders. To join, you will need to stake your Critterz NFT. Plot owners can also access the map, however, only Critterz NFT holders can generate BLOCK tokens.
Own or sell Plots of land
You can use BLOCK tokens to claim Plots (64 by 64) on the server (62,496 available). Plots are also NFTs and can be traded between players. Plot metadata and ownership are stored fully on-chain as well.
Don't play Minecraft? Generate BLOCKs anyway
Critterz NFT holders can provide tokens to other Minecraft players (such as a child, a relative, or a friend) to receive a share of the BLOCKs generated by their in-game activity.
Our goal is to build a metaversal experience on the Ethereum blockchain using Minecraft. We're building our own Oracle network and including fully on-chain + staking mechanisms.
Phase 1
Release all 4,096 Critterz in pre- and public sales.
Critterz are fully on-chain Minecraft skins that provides access to the Critterz Minecraft server.
Staked Critterz NFTs generate $BLOCKs (ERC-20 token) based on in game activity.
$BLOCKs are used to claim Plots (64 by 64 plots of land) in the server.
Plots are NFTs: Plot ownership and metadata are stored fully on-chain.
Plot owners can also access the server, but only Critterz holders can generate $BLOCKs in-game.
Phase 2
Special utilities for $BLOCKs, including custom skins and pets!
Updating the $BLOCK generation algorithm to include specific in-game actions (resources gathered, structures built, etc).
Enabling cross-platform compatibility between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition.
Phase 3
Generate additional $BLOCKs by staking Plots you own!
Develop a system to calculate $BLOCK generation rate based on Plot value.
Special surprises are airdropped to all Critterz holders.
Phase 4
Launching a marketplace for user-generated in-game content using $BLOCKs.
More details TBD. Ideas pending success of previous phases.
Phase 5
Expansion of the metaverse: server networks with different game modes and minigames, pending success of previous phases)
More details TBD. Ideas pending success of previous phases.
The Critterz team
We're a team of three engineers based in Silicon Valley with experience working at Microsoft and other tech companies.* Our inspiration for Critterz came from our thousands of hours spent in Minecraft and our love for NFT projects.
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* The Critterz Development Team is in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or a partner of Minecraft, Mojang, Microsoft, or any other related parties. Full disclaimer.