Project Disclaimer

This disclaimer explains how Critterz NFT, to the best of our knowledge, falls within the bounds of the Minecraft EULA and Commercial Terms as transformative fair use.

  1. Affiliation

    We are independent engineers unaffiliated with Minecraft, Mojang, or Microsoft.

    You can learn more about our team here. We are in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or a partner of Minecraft, Mojang, Microsoft, or any other related parties. The Critterz NFTs are not official Minecraft products and are not approved by or associated with Mojang. Mojang has no liability for the usage or purchase of any Critterz NFTs.

  2. Access to the Critterz Minecraft Server

    Costs to access the Server is free.

    Prospective players wishing to join the Critterz Minecraft Server can do so for free. Other in-game features, such as access to the survival world, are available free of charge for all Critterz NFT community members.Server access is granted only to those who own a genuine paid version of Minecraft. With the exception of moderation and administrative tools, all players have equal access to Minecraft gameplay mechanics.

  3. The Critterz NFT pixel art

    The Critterz NFTs are independent Unique Designs unaffiliated with Minecraft.

    The Critterz NFT pixel art depicts multiple types of animals and characters in a 64 by 64 pixel art style. Any likeness to relevant Minecraft intellectual property is purely coincidental. The Critterz Development Team does not restrict and is not responsible for the usage of images of Critterz NFTs by Critterz NFT owners, including as character avatars or as profile pictures.

  4. The $BLOCK (ERC-20) token

    $BLOCK is purely used as a utility token to enhance gameplay experience.

    The $BLOCK token has no real world value and cannot be cashed out or used across other servers or currencies with real-world value. The Critterz Development Team will not and does not endorse the creation of a secondary market or liquidity pool to buy or sell $BLOCK. 1 $BLOCK = 1 $BLOCK. $BLOCK tokens are not affiliated with any Official Minecraft virtual currencies.

  5. In-game enhancements

    We do not supply in-game enhancements that provide competitive advantages.

    The Critterz Minecraft Server is not designed with competitive gameplay in mind. We do not provide any in-game enhancements (such as swords, potions, or other in-game items) that adversely or negatively impacts another player's gameplay experience. Cosmetic entitlements will not include any 'capes' and will only include pets or special character textures.

  6. Parental guidance

    The Critterz Minecraft Server is suitable for players of all ages.

    All content on the Critterz Minecraft Server does not contain any references to gambling, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, drug use, or realistic violence; it is suitable for children and minors. Community members on the Server is encouraged to act with decency and maturity as not to adversely impact any player's gameplay experience.

  7. Liability

    The Critterz Development Team is the primary operator for this Project.

    Minecraft, Mojang, or Microsoft do not have any liability for anything related to this Project, including but not limited to: the usage and ownership of Critterz NFTs, the $BLOCK utility tokens, and the Critterz Minecraft Server. For any issues, you can contact us on Twitter or on Discord.

© 2022 The Critterz Development Team

The Critterz Development Team is in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or a partner of Minecraft, Mojang, Microsoft, or any other related parties. Full disclaimer.

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